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The best antivirus programs for your phone.

The best antivirus programs for your phone.

If you want to protect information on your phone, then you need to install an anti-virus application. You can easily find various anti-virus programs on the Internet and install them on your phone. Each of them has advantages and disadvantages, but the main principle of their work is to protect your phone from viruses. If you are unable to choose which program is best for your phone, we recommend using the AV-TEST laboratory test result.

During the study, the laboratory specialists focused on the main indicators such as:

  • the ability to respond quickly and effectively to a threat;
  • impact on the speed of the phone;
  • the impact of antivirus on the speed of a smartphone.
  • ease of installation and use of the anti-virus application.

After several months of testing, the laboratory specialists made a rating of antivirus programs and selected some of the best ones.

Experts noted that all tested antivirus programs do not affect the speed of your phone. The main difference between all antivirus programs is the speed at which threats are detected and removed. At the same time, each anti-virus program offers various additional functions that may be useful to you.

During testing, the laboratory specialists used the “default” settings and evaluated the performance of anti-virus programs based on this position. If you select other settings, this may affect the operation of the program and the phone. Consider this point when choosing protection for your phone.

The best antivirus programs by the AV-TEST laboratory:

  1. Avast Mobile Security (100% protection level)
  2. AVG AntiVirus Free (100% protection level)
  3. Bitdefender Mobile Security (100% protection level)
  4. Cheetah Security Master (100% protection level)
  5. ESET Mobile Security & Antivirus (100% protection level)
  6. Norton Mobile Security (100% protection level)
  7. Trend Micro Mobile Security (100% Protection Level)
  8. 8.Kaspersky Internet Security (99.9% protection level)
  9. McAfee Mobile Security (99.9% protection level)
  10. Avira Antivirus Security (99.8% protection level).

In addition to a high level of protection, these programs have additional functions such as remote locking, cleaning and searching for a mobile device, blacklist, and blocking of incoming calls from unknown numbers, protection from dangerous sites, and others. Additional options make using the phone more comfortable, and you choose which of these functions you need. But as a rule, all anti-virus programs post all high-quality and useful functions.

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